Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy 6th Anniversary My Dear

I never can find the right words to say, I just go with the flow each & everyday.

My love for you is Indescribable
Growing by the day,
Sometimes love is Speakable,

Alhamdulillah after 6th years
Without a doubt we are Compatible & this bond so strong, InshaAllah

Indeed your a handsome man
One who is Respectful,
A Dutiful Husband, Loyal, and Faithful, The way you teach me, with kind words

You see even with the little you have, MashaAllah you are so Humble, Always Thankful,
And help me realize how anythings Possible
When ever I'm in Trouble,
Or when I Stumble and Ramble
Your always so caring,

If there was one thing I could ask Allah for, I would tell him that its you i adore

Tell him Ya Allah, that my whispers mean a lot;
Cover him up Ya Allah, with my warm caress and tenderness..
Only affordable through your everlasting Grace upon

I will make doa for you and me,
that we can be in Jennah and always be.

I will love you forever, you have the key to my heart, you unlocked it so now we can never be apart.

"Happy Anniversary to you & us sayang & Hanif completed us with every moments we have"


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