Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hanif's, Sleep Study & Surgery

Hi guys, it's been a few weeks I never update my lovely blog. Not to say that I'm busy but it really is. Is there any other words to describe busy??? So, today our Hari Raya Celebration almost a month but as we know there's still open house here and there. As per planned I hope I don't have to go anywhere hehe...

Last week, again Hanif got fever. I went to hospital but doctor said they can't give him any medcine as he's under paediatric observation. What they gave is only a Paracetamol which is just to cure his fever. On Tuesday he has admitted at HKL Paediatric because of fever and at the same time doctor need to do a "Sleep Study" for him. For more information you can read HERE. Actually he's facing the sleep problem since last two years but haven't known what exactly the problem is till earlier of the year when he was admitted because of fever in last May. The doctor found out that he's got "Allergic Rhinitis" or the simplest word is Tonsilitis stage 4. It leads to fever, and non-stop flu and cough.
"my 2 years 9 months little prince"
After the "Sleep Study", results show that Hanif did have severe sleep problems which they called as "Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea". The paediatric specialists recommend that Hanif should operated on immediately to avoid future problems. Then they wrote a letter to E.N.T to make immediate surgery to remove his tonsils. So, as has been recommended by paediatric specialists, I had to go once again to the ENT specialist to take a new appointment date, and yes they have gave me a new date which is yesterday.

After the E.N.T specialist to read the letter from the Paediatric, they have asked me whether I would like Hanif operated on or not? If the tonsils are not removed, it would be detrimental to his health in later life. Referring to the doctor it can cause disrupted schooling and the worst thing can happen is that heart disease due to lack of oxygen being pumped to the heart. It really surprised me. I didn't think it can be worse like that. The doctor also mentioned that no matter how expensive and how much we give antibiotics it will not cure the tonsils because it was infected. I have seen his tonsils and I understand what the doctor has described to me. The size of tonsils is about a thumb (left & right), and kissing each other.

When I had agreed to Hanif operated, they given me the date which is approximately a month from now. This is to allow a time for his fever, cough, flu for a full recovery and at the same time they also refer me to the anesthesia department. When I was there, after they examined Hanif, I was asked to sign a consent form for anesthesia and surgery. I do not feel anything when signing the form, but after that only Allah S.W.T knows how I feel. Doctor told me that Hanif would be in full anesthesia and I will be with him in the operating room before surgery began and after the anesthesia doctor said that I need to go out to facilitate the surgical process. Ye la, which mom would want to see their children operated on... Of course I should be crying during the operation or otherwise the doctor will be pounded by me :p.

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